The water we are made of

Water is life. Water is the pure elixir we yearn for. The life-affirming energy exuded by the Grandhotel Giessbach is fed by the power of water. The Giesse Stream, with its waterfall, cascading into the depths of Lake Brienz. The Grandhotel Giessbach is surrounded and sustained by the restorative power of water.

«Fed by the power of water»

Giessbach Fall

The Giessbach Falls tumble right past the Grand Hotel in 14 tiers, plunging 400 metres into the depths in thunderous cascades of white. Various trails run along the waterfall. From the Giessbach funicular station, one can also admire it from above. At night, this natural spectacle is highlighted to powerful effect by recently installed illuminations. In autumn, the falls are enveloped in an interplay of splendid hues, while in spring, the melting snow and the rain swell the stream to spectacular proportions.